Appearance on The John Tobin Show

Courtney Mroch

I’m super excited to announce that on Monday June 24, 2013 I will be one of the guests on The John Tobin Show. The show starts at 7 p.m. EST/6 p.m. CST. You can listen in at A1B ~ All1Broadcast.

John, along with his co-host Chip, also have another show: Keeping the Spirits Alive. (Which now follows The John Tobin Show on A1B ~ All1Broadcast.) I used to do a “Haunt Jaunt of the Week” segment for them on KTSA. We’ve kept in touch ever since I left, but I’ve been missing talking with John on air. It’ll be fun talking with him again!

And what are we going to talk about? Amazingly, nothing paranormal for a change! Instead, John flabbergasted me when he approached me about being a guest.

Let me share his message:

Hi Court.. hope all is well… I wanted to ask you something… my new show The John Tobin show is not paranormal… I wanted to feature a show on the people that inspire me, true heroes to me, cancer survivors.. I would be extremely humbled and honored if maybe you would consider sharing your story on the show?

Me? Anyone’s hero? Wow. I was SUPER stunned and flattered when I read this.

I also like to talk about my cancer. A lot of people don’t, but when I was going through it I was grateful to others who’d had it who would. They understood what I was going through for one. But also hearing from people who had cancer years ago and were still living gave me hope I could do the same. Cancer does not always equal death these days. It’s important people know that.

So I’m very much looking forward to being a guest on the John Tobin Show.


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