Late Winter Ice Storm Ghost Trees

In the pre-dawn hours this past Monday, Middle Tennessee experienced a late winter snow and ice storm.

Ah, the winter of 2014. Will it ever end?

We’ve had our fair share of the Polar Vortex-induced frigid weather here in Nashville this year, too. However, we haven’t had the kind of snow or ice people in northern states have endured. (Or Atlanta or Birmingham’s bad traffic-stopping icy conditions from a month ago. Boy did we dodge a bullet then!)

I can deal with the cold. I have many warm and comfy sweaters, plenty of snuggly throws on the couches, and a cupboard stocked with a variety of teas.

I actually like a little snow. I do not like what it does to the roads and prefer when it falls overnight, treats us to slow-starting mornings, then the sun comes out, warms things up, and melts ice from pavements so driving isn’t treacherous.

However, I like how snow days slow the world down.

Such days also seems to fuel my creativity. I write better and have more enthusiasm for it. Maybe because I know I can’t do much else outside and I have no excuse not to sit behind the computer and bang away at my keyboard.

Plus, few things bring my heart the kind of peace that looking out the window and seeing snow do.

Since we really haven’t had any measurable accumulation where I live in Tennessee this year, I’d also forgotten the beautiful transformation snow bequeaths upon the landscape.

Well, Mother Nature treated us to a very pretty sight this week. No one really went much of anywhere Monday. The governor declared a State of Emergency and urged motorists to stay off the road. I happily obliged.

But Tuesday road conditions had improved dramatically. I ventured out for a tennis game at the Y and found myself driving along breathtakingly beautiful streets.

The trees were all frosted in ice. The hillsides looked surreal. Ghostly. Haunting. It was magnificent!

I  tried to capture the essence, but, try as I might, I’m a terrible photographer. (Didn’t help that I was trying to take pictures as I was driving. I wasn’t joking about #39 on my 100 Things About Me post. Thankfully avoided any accidents though.)

Still, I tried to enhance some of the better ones I took using the Camera+ app on my iPhone.

Here’s the result.

Frosty Trees
This is a scenic road anyway I often find myself on, but when it’s lined by frosty trees? Whoa! (This pic does not do it justice. Should’ve stopped to try and get a better one.)
Rural Winter's Kiss
Rural Winter’s Kiss
Frosted Trees and an Old House
Frosted Trees and an Old House
Ice-laden dancing evergreens
Ice-laden dancing evergreens (They’re bent under the weight of the ice, but doesn’t it look like they’re bowing about to do a waltz or something?)
Rural Rear View
Rural Rear View (This was snapped as I zoomed by and hoped I got something. I didn’t quite capture the winter scene I’d wanted, but I liked how the road looked in the rear view and thought it made for a neat pic.)

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