The Case of the Mysterious Ring

I recently steamed clean the carpets in our living room. In Mr. Meow’s last weeks, he spent the majority of his time in the living room. Sadly, he didn’t always make it to the litter box in time.

I cleaned as I found messes, but, well…the carpet really needed a good deep cleaning.

That’s how I found this mysterious ring.

Where did this come from?
Where did this come from?

But it was very strange how I found it.

I had moved the coffee table out entirely on two separate occasions. Once to vacuum, the other when I steamed cleaned. There was no ring then.

A couple of days after I steamed cleaned, I went to pick up something I’d knocked off the coffee table, felt something under my foot, and found this ring.

Here’s where the mystery comes in:

I would’ve noticed it while I was cleaning.

Wayne had been out of town during the cleaning and the finding.

We hadn’t had any visitors between the time I cleaned and found the ring either.

Hmmmm… Perplexing!

It’s not the most attractive ring. There’s no stone in it. It’s sort of heavy, though. Like it might be made out of some kind of metal. (But I don’t think gold.)

There’s no inscription on it.

Very mysterious indeed…

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