Dear Nicole Arbour Challenge

Dear Nicole Arbour Challenge

Today on’s Homepage a couple of “Today in Video” video titles caught my eye: “Big Underground Discovery Near Stonehenge” (which I’ll be writing about on Haunt Jaunts), and “Star’s ‘Dear Fat People’ Video Sparks Anger.”

The “star’s” picture was among the other pictures included with all the video titles. Part of why the title caught my attention was because it was not a star I recognized. Although, it also wasn’t the best picture of whoever it was.

Who’s Nicole Arbour?

Although, how would I know if that was a good picture of her? When I clicked through to the story I discovered her name was Nicole Arbour. Never heard of her before. (Which is why I put STAR in quotes above. She might be popular on YouTube, but she’s certainly not cross-media famous.)

She’s also clearly a hurt person. Why else would such a pretty girl worry about fat people?

Apparently she’s an “entertainer.” (I’m using that term loosely. This video of hers certainly doesn’t give me a good first impression of her “talents.”)

She clearly wants to be Somebody and doesn’t discriminate on how she goes about trying to get famous. Meaning, she’s a comedienne, actor, writer, recording artist, etc., etc., etc. She’s desperate to be in the public eye/center of attention in any way, shape, or form she can. Even if that means being an a-hole. (Yes, Nicole, you did come off as an a-hole, even though you tried to pass it off like you didn’t really mean to.)

Anyway, I watched as much of her video as I could stomach before I deemed it not worth my time and switched it off. In the little bit I saw, she looked better than the unfortunate clip Xfinity included with the story about her video. She looked like a snarling, snarky, Medusa in that.

Which is about how she comes off in the video.

Hurt People, Hurt People..Even Pretty Ones

I decided to also stop watching because before I let my temper run away with my anger and get the best of me, I remembered the sage words a former neighbor once imparted to me: Hurt people, hurt people.

Why would this very pretty (on the outside at least; her fat shaming video reveals a very ugly inside indeed) care about belittling fat people? Why rain on our parade/blow out our candles to try and make herself shine brighter?

Publicity? (Well, she got that, didn’t she? This has got to be one of her most widely viewed videos now.)

But is that really the kind of attention she wants? (Well, clearly. She put the video out there, didn’t she?)

But why perpetuate the “Skinny, Beautiful People Are All Heartless, Superficial Snobs” stereotype? Why not stand out by sending a positive message instead of a negative one?

Haters are Social Terrorists

What this Nicole Arbour has done is beyond Fat Shaming. It’s the worst kind of bullying. It’s Social Terrorism.

All I can think is what a great example she is of the line from Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” song: “And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate”

Haters will hate. Period. Ain’t no changing that.

Or is there?

Dealing with Haters 101: Don’t Get Mad, Challenge Them

We might not be able to stop haters, especially fat shaming haters, but that doesn’t mean we have to fall victim to their hatred.

You know the video title I referred to at the start of this post? (“Star’s ‘Dear Fat People’ Video Sparks Anger”) The key word is “anger.”

Anger is what haters want. They’re angry. As they say, “Misery loves company.” Why should anybody else be happy when they’re not? So they do things to make others miserable too.

Anger is so destructive. But if channeled properly, it can be used productively.

Case in point, I got to thinking about how I could channel the anger Nicole Arbour’s “Dear Fat People” video first produced in me. I’m going to flip it on her. Put a positive spin on her negativity.

I’ll See Your Challenge Nicole, and Raise You Another

In her video, Nicole Arbour acknowledged her video was going to make people, especially fat people, mad, but challenged, “What are you going to do, fat people? Chase me?”

Nicole is nothing more than a gussied up bully. The best way to defeat a bully is to stand up to them. She thinks she’s hot stuff because she has a lot of YouTube hits. And, well, yes, she’s pretty.


She was born with her looks. Lucky her. As far as I can tell, that’s all she’s got going for her. Well that and being snarky and sarcastic on top of skinny.

But what’s so impressive about that? What else can she do?

Can she make anything (other than trying to make people feel bad)? Comfort a loved one? Is she a black belt in karate? Can she play chess like a boss? What about video games? Spike a volleyball? Hit a home run? Hit a hole in one? Quilt? Organize fundraisers? Arrange flowers? Heck, grow flowers to even have for arranging? Care for stray animals?

There are so many talents out there in so many forms. What’s yours? Add it to the list above.

No, better yet, whether you’re skinny or heavy, I challenge you to challenge Nicole Arbour (and the Nicole Arbours of the world) by declaring your talent and what you’d challenge her to do with you. I think part of her problem is she’s never hung out with any fat people. She doesn’t know how fabulous we can be!

So do this. Make the following declaration:


Here’s mine…

Dear Nicole Arbour, I Challenge You to a Tennis Match

My talent? Well, I have many. (Hey, I never claimed to be modest.)

But for the purpose of this: Dear Nicole Arbour, I’m a USTA State Champ and I challenge you to a friendly game of ladies doubles.

She can pick a non-tennis pro partner of her choice. I’ll pick a non-pro tennis partner of my choice.

But I’ll warn you, Nicole. Bring your sense of humor. I’m not a professional wannabe comedienne, but I am a card. I guarantee you’ll have a great time with this fat girl on the courts.

And better bring a dose of humility too. Don’t let this sweet face (or the thunder thighs) fool ya. I play to win.


Whether you challenge her via your own blog post or a YouTube reply, make sure to let the world know about it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…whatever social media networking platform you prefer.

There’s strength in numbers against bullies/social terrorists like Nicole. Join the movement!

Check out the No Body Shame Campaign launched by TLC star Whitney Way Thore. Who also made a really awesome video in response to Arbour’s nasty one, btw. Check it all out in this Huffington Post article.

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      Hey THX Emily!!!!!

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