Worth the Wait

I noticed something very exciting today: The Haunt Jaunts Guide to Halloween Hot Spots: The Spookiest Places to Enjoy Ghosts, Ghouls and Scares finally had a review on Amazon.com!

Actually, it’s had the review since February 23, 2016, but I just now saw it today. I can’t even remember how I tripped upon it. I was doing something for Shadow People and Cursed Objects: 13 Tales of Terror Based on True Stories…or are they? (SPACO) and noticed there were stars next to the Haunt Jaunts Guide too.

It immediately caught my eye because it’s been out for almost two years. No feedback at all. Then all of a sudden?

And not only did it have stars, it had five stars!

After I did a double take, I went to check out what the kind reviewer had to say. Which was a title of “A definite recommendation” followed by:

I appreciated this guide in knowing where all the best places are and you did your research well. Keep up the great work, will look forward to your next book.

Holy cow! Say what? This is SO exciting! And for that to be the first review? Totally worth the wait!

I did the only thing I knew how to do: I clicked the “Yes” button next to the “Was this review helpful to you?”

Because it was. In so many more ways than one. As I described in my post about the Shadow People and Cursed Objects reviews, people are driven to buy things that they know someone else has taken a chance on. When they see a star, it tells them immediately if it (whatever “it” may be) might be for them.

But it was also helpful to hear someone liked the book. That book was my big experiment. I didn’t know Thing 1 about self-publishing back then. Talk about a learning curve. (Which I don’t think will ever end, honestly. I’m still navigating the twists and turns of this kind of publishing.)

I’m not sure how he found it. I was thinking perhaps it was from SPACO, but I didn’t see a review from him there.

Regardless, thank you James Herington for

  1. Taking a chance on my book, and
  2. Taking the time to leave your thoughts.

It is so very appreciated!




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