Review of Shadow People and Cursed Objects

Very excited to report that one of the Shadow People and Cursed Objects authors, Emerian Rich, is also a Horror Hostess at She used her connections with a fellow contributor over there to get a review for the SPACO anthology.

David Watson posted “David’s Haunted Library: Shadow People and Cursed Objects and Wicked Gardens,” which are reviews of two anthologies.

It’s very exciting stuff. In addition to mentioning Emerian’s story, “Bye, Bye, Blackbird,” he also specifically mentioned four of the anthology’s other stories:

  1. Alice J. Black’s “The Busby Chair”
  2. Evan Dicken’s “Doomsday, Every Night at Five”
  3. Sean Ealy’s “Fatty and the Nothing Man”
  4. C. Le Mroch’s “Pedro”

Super cool!

Something he pointed out in his review that I had failed to note: some of the stories shared more in common than either a curse or a ghost. For instance, “The Busby Chair” and “Fatty and the Nothing Man” both also deal with dares. In fact, neither of their stories would take place if a dare didn’t drive the action.

I hadn’t paid attention to that.

The coolest thing was what he had to say about the anthology over all:

There are no bad stories in Shadow People and Cursed Objects. The editor did an excellent job of picking the best of the best and the concept of deciding what is real or what isn’t also makes this book a must read. This is one book that you shouldn’t pass up.

I did a good job? A “must read?” Music to my ears! (Or a feast for my eyes I should say.)

I’m so glad someone else appreciated the stories. I fell more in love with each one after each re-read.

And I’m so thrilled to hear someone thought the idea of guessing if a story was real or not was fun. (Actually, people have been saying how much fun that is, but it’s particularly fun to see that stated in a review like this.)

Thank you so much both Mr. Watson and Emerian for making this happen!

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