Hypocrites, or the Danger of Partisanship

One thing I loved and did not understand or fully appreciate until our last mayoral race here in Nashville (2015) is that it’s nonpartisan. That means the candidates are not labeled as Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green, from Outer Space, etc.

They’re just candidates, running on their platforms.

Of course you can tell based on their inclinations who is likely to be Blue or Red. But it was super refreshing not to have a party to select from on the ballot, just a name.

Don’t get me wrong. Parties are great. They’re a way to unite people of like minds.

But their pro can also be their con.

Take what’s happening with our new President. Well, what’s been happening with him.

Back during the primaries, when there were other candidates, many of my Republican friends (mostly women), openly admitted they hated Trump, were not voting for him, and hoped their choice (whoever that may have been then) would be the one to win their party’s nomination.

But Trump got it. They were faced with a real dilemma.

They’re wives, mothers, trying to teach their kids right from wrong through example. Talk about a rock and a hard place. How do you teach your kids it’s okay to support a person who’s essentially a vile bully because he is your party’s candidate?

I don’t know how they did it. Some ended up not voting at all.

But most voted for him.


I’m a Democrat. I wasn’t thrilled with Hillary. I want to see a woman president, but I wasn’t 100% convinced she was the right woman for the job. There are a lot of reasons for that.

Had the Republicans put forth a better candidate, I might’ve gone that route. (I would’ve voted for McCain for sure if he’d have picked a better running mate than Palin this go around.)

But my choices were her or a billionaire baby with too big of an ego for his combed over head.

I went with her. She was the least offensive of the two and I felt she would do the least damage. Plus, many of my sensibilities are more in line with hers.

But there were so many controversies surrounding her. It was too much.

So he won. Yuck.

But now he’s got controversies surrounding him and what happens? People in his party scream fowl that we’re calling him out.

And these are real issues. Bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, collaborating with communists…not a list of qualities you’d expect to see on a presidential resume.

They were outraged over Obama’s birth certificate, but they’re letting Trump not releasing his taxes slide.

If this was Obama, or any other Dem withholding such info? You’d better believe they’d be grabbing their ropes and salivating for a lynching.

Um, excuse me, would you like a side of humility with your hypocrisy? No? I didn’t think so. What about a napkin to wipe it off your face?

Then there’s Putin. I was shocked when one of the nightly news programs (likely NBC Nightly News, because that’s the one I watch most) interviewed two veterans in their 70s about Trump’s relationship with Russia’s ruler.

“I don’t really see what’s the big deal,” one said.

“Me neither. Maybe Putin’s not as bad as we think.”

What in the holy hell? Have I slipped into another dimension?


Clearly that’s the explanation. Because I bet if you told those old men, who definitely were alive during the Cold War years, back then that they’d ever say such a thing, they would’ve…what? Laughed? Punched you?

Not sure, but I can assure you they’d never believe it. The Russians are our enemy. Or were. I guess they’re okay now, because our Republican president is friends with him. (Is Reagan rolling over in his grave?)

If a Democratic president had the same ties? The world would be ending, they’d be calling for impeachment and all hell would break loose.

Just like when Monica sucked Bill’s cock. They were out for blood. Never could they tolerate such behavior from a president. At least from a Democratic president.

But pussy grabbing is okay. He’s Republican. No worries.

I don’t care who you are. Whether we’re of the same party, organization, race, gender, whatever…if you act like an ass, I’m calling you out. I’m as loyal as they come, but I’m not partisan loyal. I won’t make excuses for you and your bad behavior just because we share something in common.

Will I like having to call you out? No. It sucks when someone you admired, respected, looked up to and otherwise endorsed disappoints you.

But you can’t let it slide. At least I can’t. It’s called ethics and morals. Which seems to be a foreign concept anymore.

Call me old-fashioned, but if America ever was great (which I feel it’s still pretty awesome, current leader excluded) and if it’s ever going to be great again, bringing back some of these vales and knowing when to be partisan and when it’s okay necessary to hold people of your own faith/sensibilities/ilk accountable is the imperative first step we all should be making.








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