#MotivationMonday Challenge: One Positive Review This Week

I’m going to start something new. Every week I’m going to post some kind of #MotivationMonday challenge for myself. Feel free to do it with me if you want!

I sort of cheated this week already though. Because I got the idea last night while I was attending the Summer Concert Series in Crockett Park. It’s a free concert thing that the City of Brentwood offers on Sunday nights in the summer.

We haven’t been able to go to any this year until last night, but that’s okay. I think we’d seen most of the other performers before. But we hadn’t seen last nights act. And, oh, what an act they were!

And who were they? The Celebrity Allstar Band.

The Celebrity Allstars are a supergroup comprised of former members of Earth Wind & Fire, Eagles, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson, Kenny Loggins, Bette Midler,Mariah Carey Garth Brooks. Never before has an act of this collective caliber been available for the private events or corporate events market.

We hadn’t ever heard of them until we saw them on the Summer Concert lineup. But from the moment we parked the car and started walking across the parking lot towards the amphitheater, we were singing and boogieing along with them.

Such energy! Such fun songs!

Because it had been so hot yesterday I was not looking forward to going to the concert, but I knew Wayne wanted to. You know what? I’m so glad I did.

The evening’s weather turned out to be super pleasant. And not too buggy. But the very best part was the music.

On the drive home I went to the Celebrity Allstar Band’s Facebook page to post a comment. I wish they had it set up to accept reviews. I was all set to give them a five star one.

But I still left a rave review post about how much I enjoyed their high-energy show. I particularly liked how they worked the audience. (Or tried to. We’re talking Brentwood, after all. Sadly there were a bunch of conservative curmudgeons out there who were just sitting in their lawn chairs like bumps on a log.)

But some of the singers and musicians would come down into the dance area and do their thing out amongst the people, which was really fun.

I had a blast. So did Wayne. We sang our hearts out along with the band and grooved on our spot on the hill.

When the last time you wrote a glowing review about anything? Be it a band, a favorite product, restaurant, or even a book?

It’s easy to be offended when something doesn’t go right and leave a negative review, but when you are really moved, or really enjoy something, or had spectacular service, you should take the time to leave a positive review too. Let someone know their positive energy resounded with you and was appreciated.

So that’s the challenge: leave one positive review this week.

It doesn’t have to be something that happens to you this week that sparks it. (Because you might not have something good-review worthy happen to you.)

But think back to something in the past that you enjoyed.

Then find a way to leave a positive review. Be it on a Facebook page (theirs or your own…or both if you’re that ambitious!), on Amazon (for products and books), or send an email to the company or a good old-fashioned letter.

Negativity is too prominent these days. It’s winning. But we can change it. And this is how.

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