Guess Who Has the Biggest Button? (It’s Not Trump)

Donald Trump is once again letting his insecure freak flag fly and showing his lack of maturity with his Tweet about having a bigger nuclear button than Kim Jong Un:

Trump supporters will no doubt not see anything wrong with this. The rest of the thinking world, however, does.

Being President of the United States comes with grave responsibilities. Lives are at risk. Not just those who voted for Trump. Not just those affiliated with the Republican party.

He’s responsible for everyone living in the United States, regardless of age, race, gender, religious or political affiliation.

But beyond that his actions could affect millions of others worldwide.

Nuclear power is not a joke. It’s not a threat anyone should make. It’s not even power anyone should have.

Yet, it’s out there. Kim Jong Un wants it. He may even really have it. God help us that he doesn’t decide to prove he has a penis and use it.

Trump has nuclear power. God help us. He’s always ready to show his penis.

But guess what? There is no winner in a nuclear war. Everyone’s a loser.

There will be no more Twitter. No more fake news. No more media of any kind, social or otherwise.

No more spotlights for either leader to parade their inflamed egos in front of.

No more clean air, or blue skies, or (relatively) unpolluted water.

No more birds chirping, bees buzzing, children laughing.

These “leaders” need to cease and desist the provocation before it gets out hand. Before it’s too late. Before there’s no turning back.

Other presidents seemed to understand the gravity of this power and of this issue. Trump willfully disregards it. Not once has he acknowledged the sort of destruction he literally has at his fingertips. (Which is more than just a button on his desk, but of course Trump likes to lie exaggerate.)

Any leader who isn’t actively seeking peace in the face of such utter and total annihilation is not enlightened enough to be a leader.

So guess who really has the biggest button, emphasis on the “butt”?

It’s a tie between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump. They’re both complete asses.

Hopefully America will escape Trump’s “service” to our country with only a four-year sentence. If he doesn’t blow the country up before 2020, that is.


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