Now Playing: My Chicken Soup for the Soul #FriendFriday Interview!

It’s an exciting day! My Friend Friday interview with Chicken Soup for the Soul’s editor-in-chief, Amy Newmark, is now live! You can listen to it here:

I talk about my story, “Just Ask,” in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone: 101 Stories about Trying New Things, Overcoming Fears, and Broadening Your World.

I don’t know what was more exciting: getting to talk with Amy Newmark or seeing myself tagged in Chicken Soup’s tweet about it:

I haven’t listened yet. I was trying to play it so cool when I was talking with Amy, but I was so nervous. I mean, it was Amy Newmark! I kept pinching myself that I had the privilege of 15 minutes of her time.

I admire her so much. She’s such a smart woman. Would I be able to intelligently keep up my end of the conversation?

I don’t know how “intelligent” I came across, but at least I was able to talk. (That was my other big fear. That’d I’d be so star struck I’d say nothing.)

I know I said a lot of “Ums” and “Uhs” because after the first couple I was thinking, “Quit with that!”

But of course the more conscious you are of trying not to do something, the more you do it. Oy!

Really there was no need to fret. Amy of course came across very polished, but she was also incredibly warm. It helped thaw some of my nerves.

Still, I couldn’t sit still and stood for the whole conversation. Too much excited energy.

The cool thing is I got to do it. And all because I dared stepped outside my comfort zone and go to HAuNTcon’s Costume Ball that cold night almost one whole year ago. So many exciting things have come out of it.

My radio show on ParaMania Radio, a story in Chicken Soup, now being on the podcast….well, it was more fun to create a video to showcase all the exciting things that happened.

What a fun way to kick off the New Year!

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