Melania Calls It Quits?

Have you ever wondered what makes Melania Trump tick?

I mean, why Donald Trump? She’s so gorgeous. She could have any man she wants, yet she picked him.

The Donald

I’ll try not to be too harsh on his looks, but he’s not the most attractive man. (He wasn’t too bad when he was younger –like in the 80s– but these days?)

The hair aside, he’s not aging well.

Yet, I will give him credit that he looks younger than his actual age –and better than a lot of other people his age. (Maybe he’s on to something with all that orange foundation?)

However, other than his money, I’m not sure what Melania saw in him.

Actually, according to CBS News’ “A crash course on Melania Trump,” she initially was “turned off” by him.

So what happened?

The Model

Behind-the-scenes, in private, is he a real sweet talker? A tenderhearted romantic? What did he do to woo her?

Even though she’s a college dropout, she seems very smart. In that same CBS News article, it’s pointed out that she’s fluent in English and her native Slovenian, as well as French, German and Serbian.

As much as I’d like to peg her as just some money-obsessed gold-digger, I can’t. You know Trump had to have some kind of killer prenup drawn up.

The Affairs

Because, let’s face it. This isn’t his first rodeo. She is his third wife, after all. If there’s one thing The Donald knows how to utilize, it’s his legal team. Just look at all his mistresses.

And perhaps that’s why Melania is finally saying enough is enough? Was the Stormy Daniels controversy her last straw?

Or was it that and the other affairs that have been coming out since the tempest of Stormy’s revelations?

(Some of which also happened when she was pregnant, no less. Every woman’s worst nightmare/biggest fear/greatest humiliation.)

The Fake News

In case you didn’t already guess it, this fake news.

Happy April Fool’s Day!


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