Here’s a list of what Courtney has published where:


Woman’s World (March 10, 2014): “His kindness warmed my heart!” in Circle of Kindness section

LiveDoGrow (August 30, 2013): “Why Do You Travel: Confronting Cancer”

ProBlogger (April 18, 2012): “The Secret Stats Your Follower Numbers Hide”

TAPS Paramagazine (March/April 2011): Green Grinning Ghosts: Where to Scare Up Spirits on St. Patrick’s Day

Associated Content (November 8, 2008): “Get Pampered: Malls Aren’t Just for Shopping Anymore”

Funds for Writers (March 2008): “A DIY Writer’s Retreat”

Funds for Writers (February 4, 2007): “A Blogger’s Perspective: Pros and Cons of Blogging for a Network”

Funds for Writers (January 27, 2007): “Blogging for Bucks”

DOLL Magazine (August 2006): “Kute Kewpie Smiles”

Writers Journal (May/June Issue 2006): “A Landmark Christmas”

Romantic True Love Stories (April 2006): “Looks Like We Made It: Confessions of a High School Sweetheart”

True Crimes and Beyond (January 2006): “True Identity: 40 Years of Speculation About Who Killed Valerie Percy”

CreatureScape (Issue #6, 2005): “Werewolves Amongst Us”

Folio Weekly (July 26, 2005): “Homeless in Mandarin”

Web Mystery Magazine (Fall 2004): “Defrosting a Cold Case: How Author Dominick Dunne Helped Catch a Killer”

The Florida Palm (Fall 2003): “The Little (e)Book That Could”

The Florida Palm (Summer 2003): “Read a Good eBook Lately?”

The Florida Palm (Spring 2003): “Publishing an E-Book”

The Florida Palm (November/December 2002): “ Webzines Want Your Short Stories”


“Aunt Charlotte” – A Woman’s Touch anthology (2011)

“Night of the Villistas” – Writers’ Journal (July/August 2010 issue)

The Ghost of Laurie Floyd – Quarter-finalist in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Contest 2010

Aunt Charlotte” – Sniplits

“My Nightmare” – Flashes in the Dark (July 3, 2009)

“The Boy Next Door” – Writers’ Journal (Nov/Dec 2008 issue)

“Guise” – Flashshot (January 11, 2008)

“Casting On, Binding Off” – Amazon Short (December 20, 2007)

“The Stakeout” – Flashshot (November 27, 2007)

“Making Merry: Night of the Living Christmas Decorations” – Amazon Short (November 14, 2007)

“The Abductee” – Coffee Cramp eZine (Oct 2007)

“Stiff Competition” + recipes – included in Dastardly Dishes (Oct 2007), SinC Mid TN’s cookbook

“That Time of Day” – Writers’ Journal (Sep/Oct 2007)

“Cause Celebre” – Mysterical-e (Summer 2007)

“The Clockmaker” – Amazon Short (May 18, 2007)

“Heaven and Hell” – Flashshot (March 25, 2007)

“Cassandra” – Flashshot (March 2, 2007)

“Fate’s Way” -Writers’ Journal (Nov/Dec 2006)

“The Case of Horus, The Golden Falcon” – Mysterical-e (Fall 2006)

“How to Kill an Alien” – Flashshot (June 13, 2006)

The American Idol” – Flashshot (May 21, 2006)

“The White Spider” – Dragons, Knights and Angels (April 24, 2006) **Reviewed on Tangent Online**

“Before My Eyes” – Flashshot (April 22, 2006)

“Friends With Benefits” – Flashshot (Monday, January 16, 2006 edition)

“The Hammerhead” – Twisted Shift (January 2006)

“The Spy Who Loved Me and How He Did It: Exposed” – Flashshot (Thursday, December 22, 2005 edition)

“A Hairy Situation” – Flashshot (Wednesday, November 2, 2005 edition)

Vehicular Homicide” – Flashshot (Wednesday, July 20, 2005 edition)

“Stiff Competition” – Orchard Press Mysteries (February 2005)

“The Case of the Mysterious Cigarette Butts” – Orchard Press Mysteries (February 2004)

“Getting Rid of the Competition” – The Murder Hole (June 2003)

“The Danger of Eavesdropping” – Without A Clue (April 2003)

“Skin Ish Ca” – Orchard Press Mysteries (February 2003)

“Banasack the Super Pole vs. The Alamogordo UFO” – A Jealous Mistress (February 2003)

“The Gardner, the Pool Man, the Housekeeper, and the Sugar Daddy” – Without a Clue (September 2002)

“Dat’s How We Do Tings” – Mysterical-E (August 2002)

“The Calacas Killer” – Without a Clue (August 2002)

“A Snaky Deal” – (April 2001) – was featured in the The Westing Game, a mysteries and problem solving class at Brigham Young University.

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