What a Turkey!

In February, Wayne and I took a vacation. On our way home from the airport we stopped at a light. I looked to my right and was taken aback to see a turkey on the side of the road.

I quickly whipped out my phone and snapped a pic. It’s not unusual for us to see turkeys by our house. We don’t live in the country exactly, but it’s more rural than urban for sure.

However, we were on Harding, a fairly busy road not far from the airport. Not a usual place to see a turkey. And not one looking so alert just hanging out on the side of the road.

Dead End Turkey
Dead End Turkey

It wasn’t until I posted the photo on Facebook that I realized there was a Dead End sign in the background. Oh the jokes that could be made about this.

I keep trying to concoct one that involves the turkey not knowing why the chicken crossed the road, but the turkey did it to avoid the Dead End.

Lame. I know. I can’t seem to come up with the perfect punchline.

Oh well, that’s not what’s funniest. What is is that a couple of days later I was watching the news and guess what they had as one of the stories? This doggone turkey!

Which was good. Of course as we drove away I was worried the turkey was going to get hit. You might be able to tell from the picture that dusk was falling. Plus it was rush hour. I was afraid someone rushing home from work might not see the turkey and cream him.

It was a relief to see him on the news. Apparently he’s been hanging out on that corner for a while.

I had to take Wayne to the airport the other day. I looked for the turkey but didn’t see him.

Maybe he got his 15 minutes of fame and moved along?


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