My Sites

When I’m not writing fiction, traveling, playing tennis, or hanging with Tabby and Wayne, I’m likely busy tending to one of my websites.

Haunt Jaunts is a travel site for restless spirits specializing in Dark Tourism. (As my C. Le Mroch tagline instructs, “Don’t let the sweet face fool you.” You wouldn’t think it to look at me, but I like to travel to places with checkered pasts and haunted histories. #SuckerfortheMacabre.)

As you might imagine with a site like Haunt Jaunts, I’m a huge Halloween lover. The Haunt Jaunts Halloween Scareporium is an eclectic mix of Halloween wares from Haunt Jaunts’ affiliate vendors.

Alien Invasion Zombie Apocalypse Fitness is where I share tips for getting fit, keeping healthy, and staying alive. (Well, it’s where I intend to do this. I started out strong but there are sadly only 24 hours in a day. This has become my most neglected site. I hope to rectify that someday.)

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